Contact Info

Call or text Ben @  231-557-1685


Instructions for local racket restringing service:

1. Drop racquet off at the home workshop address below.

2. Text or call with string request details (231-557-1685)

3. I will quote and invoice you the total for payment your preferred payment method (Card, Apple Pay, Venmo, Cash, check accepted)


ADDRESS with local racquet drop box:

2342 N Hilltop Dr, Norton Shores MI 49441

 Racquet Dropbox


MAIL-IN service and return service available:

Box racquets and ship to the address above along with a brief note containing your phone and email contact information, along with the type of service you would like.  I will invoice you with the agreed product and service total.  

Racquets will be serviced and strung within 24-hours of receipt and shipped back to you the same or next day.

I will invoice you your total upon completion.

Owner is responsible for shipping to me, i will pay shipping back.



Demand the best.  Be your best.