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Level 1 - Player and equipment evaluation

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This is a 90 minute on-court player performance and on-court assessment. This service evaluates both the players equipment and the players relative level of play.  The goal of this assessment is to enhance and improve both by making minor adjustments or recommendation of string and/or racquet.

Racket evaluation includes: 

Static Weight, Swingweight, Balance, String tenstion, Stringbed stiffness, Grip size, Racket and string wear patterns.

Evaluation with current player setup on court includes:

Swing style, play style, ball speed, ball consistency, ball placement accuracy, ball depth placement and spin production.  Stroke mechanics are also considered and observed as it relates to the handling of the racket.

Recommendations and adjustments made in this session depending on the players goals and objectives:

Racket selection, string type, string tension, racket customization, matching.

Player should expect to hit for 50-60 minutes.